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Selective Investigations Incorporated (SI) is a full service private investigative company headquartered in Pompano Beach, Florida providing services throughout the State of Florida since 2002. We are a fully licensed and insured agency with clients as diverse as insurance companies, self-insurers, third-party administrators and attorneys. The company is led by John Schwenk, President, with over 35 years of experience in claims investigations.

SI has assembled a quality team of seasoned professionals, whose ability to think creatively, combined with integrity and experience is instrumental in the firm’s success.  Our Investigators are strategically located throughout the state of Florida.

We work closely with our clients to determine the objective of each investigation and develop a plan of action. All investigations are closely monitored by management. Our goal is to get the job done efficiently and effectively, leaving no stone unturned.

We pledge to deliver outstanding service combined with timely and accurate communication, upholding our commitment to an ethical and thorough investigation. Impeccable integrity, accountability, persistence, a dynamic work ethic, and proven track record are all reasons why Selective Investigations Incorporated should be your next investigative agency.

Florida Statewide Services Include:

Accident Scene Investigations

Post accident investigations are utilized to obtain the facts and circumstances surrounding the loss and possible subrogation. This type of investigation may include written or recorded statements and interviews of the involved parties and potential witnesses. A thorough on-site inspection with photographs and diagrams of the accident scene, vehicle inspections, measurements and retrieval of pertinent documents.

Activity Checks

Activity checks are on-site investigations (discreet/direct) used to determine an individual’s usual activities, physical capacity, and employment status. Information is obtained through speaking with neighbors familiar with the individual’s activities and the subject, if requested. This type of investigation is effective in developing information and determining if surveillance is warranted for workers’ compensation, disability or bodily injury claims.

Alive and Well Checks

This is an in-person investigation (discreet/direct) used to verify the claimant’s current living and activity status. Information is obtained through speaking with neighbors familiar with the claimant’s activities.

If requested, a face-to-face interview with the claimant will be conducted to obtain their social security number, current address and telephone number, medical treatment and disability status, benefit check status, and activity level.

Background / Asset Investigations

Background / Asset Investigations are used in various situations to verify or develop information on an individual or organization. The most common utilization of this investigation includes accessing comprehensive databases, researching an individual’s history of criminal activity (county, state federal), civil litigation, assets, employment, social medial, education, driving record, accident / injury history, previous addresses, associations, professional licensing and business interests. (Based on individual state laws, some of the searches listed above may not be available.)

Dependency Checks

This is an in-person investigation (discreet / direct) used to verify marital status, number of dependent children living in the household, and, if requested, an interview of the subject.


A thorough investigation is completed utilizing local and national database searches, social media, court records, and other available resources.  When necessary, field investigation is conducted.

Medical Clinic Surveillance

Conducting surveillance on medical clinics is an effective means to document hours of operation, identification of employees, doctors, runners, and timing of patient visits and general activity.  Continuous video is obtained of the entry/exit doors and license plate numbers are recorded to identify patients. Reports contain a detailed physical description and close up identification picture of patients and clinic employees and their arrival and departure times from the clinic.    Unmanned (remote) cameras set ups are available.

Medical Record Retrieval

Contact medical providers to obtain medical records.

Record Retrieval / Delivery

Provides you with convenient, fast, and secure delivery of requested documents or sensitive files.  Records may include traffic/incident reports, traffic homicide reports, autopsy reports, blood toxically reports, court records, medical records, DMV records or other case related documents.

Record Checks

SI provides comprehensive record searches at both the state and national levels. Searches include, but are not limited to: courthouse records, judgements and liens, criminal records, driving records, automobile accident history, professional licenses, and motor vehicle registration. Many other searches are available, and are too numerous to list. Please contact us to discuss your specific request.

Special Investigations

Customized investigations designed to accommodate the specific needs of complex and unusual claims.

Statements In person / Telephone

A statement (recorded /non-recorded) is a comprehensive in-person or over the phone interview with a subject. This interview focuses on all relevant and important issues related to the claim. Statement types include, but not limited to, motor vehicle accidents, workers’ compensation, homeowners, theft, liability and disability.

Social Media Investigation

Determining a subject’s online activities is another key component in the investigation of any suspicious insurance claim. We go well beyond just the “social media” search and delve deep into the web to find and compile information about the subject. Many times, future subject plans are identified and present opportune times to conduct surveillance. All developed information is organized into our final report with screenshots. In addition, we offer monitoring services which consist of the daily review of a subject’s most used social media profiles. Any pertinent information is immediately reported to the client.


Surveillance services consist of discreetly documenting an individual’s daily activities, physical capacity, appearance and employment. Utilizing state-of-the-art video equipment enables us to obtain the necessary video documentation even under the most difficult circumstances. Long range and covert video cameras capture the exact activity of the subject.  All surveillance assignment include background and limited social media research prior to conducting surveillance to identify hobbies, associates, employment, and current and future plans.  Our surveillance report includes background/social medial research, details of all surveillance activity and photographs so that you have the information that you need to make an informed decision.  Video evidence can be provided via email, flash drive, CD or DVD. Clients receive updates via email on the progress of the assignment after each day of surveillance. Verbal reports are also available at the request of the client.

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